The Journey Of Every Thousand
Mile Began With A Step

LakexIO is a Software Solutions company founded in 2022 by Olalekan Oladipupo and Partners. It has its HQ located in Lagos, Nigeria.

About The Kingdom

We are a Kingdom with a King and his chiefs to propagate his agenda, established with a big mission in mind and a bigger vision with eyes of our hearts fixed on. The company's goal is to build a community of teams filled with talents and building across board simple solutions to complex problems, with funnel of our minds as critical thinkers.


Core Values

Every leader is called to serve, we are intentional about having people join the team with this mindset.
Implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new Products or improving existing products.
Team Work
Team Work
Teamwork makes the dream work, now! that's the drive, we have a big dream and a team that make it work.
Actions speak louder, it's a pratice to do as much as you say cause' new ideas are useless until executed.

With Every Great Product
Lies A Great Team

Our products are centered around solving complex problems with easy experience built for people, they are not great problems that come from nothing.

we have a team of creative and technical minds that came together to achieve common goal, with the unity of mind we stand together.


UI/UX Design App Development Web Development User Research Q&A Testing Market Research